Something about TOMTOPVIP to share with you guys

Overseas Company Employee Michael:Something about TOMTOPVIP to share with you guys


My name is michael zhao, a Chinese Living in uk at portsmouth , and also a Tomtop VIP Member. I am very honored to be invited to share my entrepreneurial experience with Tomtop VIP. I hope my story will help and encourage members and friends.

I wonder if everyone is deeply troubled by economic problems like me. Living in uk 36,000 GBP living expenses ,Has exceeded my financial ability, I have 2 children to support them to school. In the uk, I have to do various part-time jobs to earn living expenses every day, such as housekeeping, waiters, and Chinese tutors.

Tomtop VIP

How do I know the Tomtop VIP?

The first contact with Tomtop VIP was came from my friend's recommendation. She saw ads about “Don't just save money and make money with us” on YouTube. Then she confirmed it on the Tomtop VIP website and forwarded it to me. She knows that I want to open an online store, and she knows that I am short of money, and this is really a good opportunity for me. I can't wait to open the Tomtop VIP official website to view VIP membership information. Unexpectedly, the offer from the Tomtop VIP website is very favorable. I have been buying Tomtop VIP specials to experience the quality of the product. And I am already a big fan of Tomtop VIP.

My spending record on Tomtop VIP
My Orders on Tomtop VIP

Registered members, although the membership rights really excite me, it only requires a membership fee of 99 dollars, and only needs such a small amount of money to open a store of its own, without hesitation. Because all products and shipments do not need you to do it, just need to share them.

After a month of experience, I decided to become a true member.

I earned $70 during the free experience and then consider whether to renewal fee becomes a true member. I successfully recommended a friend to join the Tomtop VIP and receive a reward of $49.5, plus the commission to recommend someone else to buy items, my first month's income was $70. It doesn't take me too much time to do these things, but I can get some extra income.

Income of Experience period
Income of Experience period

What items are in my store?

After becoming a member, I saw a lot of friends buying products through the links I provided, and the store I opened to sell some popular products against the now spreading pneumonia epidemic. Really just need to manage the store and publish the goods. The staff at Tomtop VIP's official website really helped me solve supply, storage and logistics issues. The income from sales of goods is my personal income. Without any preparation, my Tomtop VIP store is open.

Income of Experience period
My Tomtop VIP store

How does my life change?

Order volume has increased, but my life schedule is still normal. I didn't spend a lot of time on the management store because of the increase in order volume, and my daily schedule has not been affected by my increased order volume, because Tomtop VIP provides me with complete supply, sales and logistics channels. I haven’t had any experience in opening a store before, but in a few months I’ve been like a senior online store operator, because in this process, there is always Tomtop VIP official customer service to provide me with shop guidance and help with the selection of goods, etc. Actually tomtopvip changed my life

Tomtop VIP changed my life
My New Life

My inner voice

Today, I am here to tell you that Tomtop VIP is a trusted social e-commerce platform with my experience in successful operations. If you have the same economic needs as me, then Tomtop VIP will be a good choice for you. If you have any questions after opening the store, you can talk to everyone in the Tomtop VIP member group, and I am also happy to provide help and support.

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