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What should you do when your family does not support your hobbies in terms of money? The best way is to make money yourself. I made my own pocket money at Tomtop VIP, and now I will share my experience with Tomtop VIP.

Tomtop VIP

My name is Levi and I am an 18-year-old high school student. As many boys of the same age, I like remote control toy, but the difference is that I have no money to buy it. I only have $10 a week, only enough to buy a toy part.

Surprised by the low price of Tomtop VIP

Once, I broke the propeller of my good friend Joshua's drone. I searched online for the price of his drone machine for $84.61, so expensive and even the propeller accessories are $16.99.

Screenshot of the propeller Screenshot of the propeller

I used my pocket money for nearly two weeks to buy this propeller, but Joshua laughed at me: "Stupid, why you not go to Tomtop VIP to see how much it costs, you lose money!" I went to the website he said to search for the same propeller price, as long as $3.69! How is it possible! It must be fake?

But he told me that his drone was purchased on the Tomtop VIP, only for $49.99, with a good quality.

Screenshot of the Tomtop VIP’s drone Screenshot of the Tomtop VIP’s drone

Joshua is a member of Tomtop VIP. He said that the membership benefits are very nice. People can buy more favorable products than the special price. He even suggested that I register as a member.

I check the membership benefits, there is an interest that members can open the store for free! If I open a store, I can earn my own pocket money!

However, the $99 membership fee is a big expense for me. Although Joshua has been persuading me that the long-term benefits of my store are greater than the short-term costs, I am still afraid of risks.

What are the risks in opening a Tomtop VIP store?

I saw a lot of evaluations on the Internet, saying that there is zero cost and zero risk on the Tomtop VIP. Is this too exaggerated? But in fact, this is indeed the case. The seller does not need to stock up, which saves storage costs and avoids the risk of unsalable goods. Logistics and warehousing have the protection of Tomtop VIP official website. Zero risk, zero cost, so earning $99 is only a matter of time.

Shop opening process

I never thought I would open an online store. But in order to earn some pocket money, I took out my "deposit" plus 20 dollars borrowed from Joshua and registered a VIP member. I only have one purpose: To open a shop to make money.

Tomtop VIP arranged a special customer service to help me open the store. Before that, I found some online shop information on the Internet. Everyone said that the process of opening a store is very complicated with designing the shop interface, publishing products, there even have a special fee-based tutorial about opening store on Amazon. But at Tomtop VIP, it's all ready-made. I just need to add the existing items on the official website to my store.

(Click the + sign on the right to add the item, and the √is successful) (Click the + sign on the right to add the item, and the √is successful)

What goods can a male seller sell?

I checked some selection strategies and saw some female college shopkeepers and housewives shopkeepers selling some beauty products and daily-use goods. But I don't know anything about beauty products, and I am not interested in daily necessities. What can I sell? I want to position my customer base on men who are my age and have a common hobby, selling items that are of interest to boys, such as RCtoys and outdoor products.. Tomtop VIP's customer service showed me the Tomtop VIP sales table for RCtoys and outdoor products for nearly a year to help me choose.

Screenshot of the store homepage Screenshot of the store homepage

How to sell goods?
The road to success for others may not be suitable for you

I have seen many successful cases on the Tomtop VIP website, all using social platforms to promote their products. Although this method is very good, I rarely go online, and I don't know the rules of some social platforms. I will not promote online, so I plan to do offline promotion.

Discover the customer resources around you

I know that there are many clubs in the school. After discussing with Joshua, I intend to start publicity from the communities related to us.

Joshua is a member of the school's RC toys community, and he can help me promote the products I sell within the community. And I joined the Outdoor Activity community, I can make full use of these community resources.

Got support from my family

I told my family about the idea of starting a business. Although my parents are strict with my pocket money, they are very happy to invest in my career after knowing about my idea.

I borrowed $500 from them (because I promised to make money and pay back the money), I bought a batch of drones, remote control cars and some outdoor items such as protective gear, tents, knives and ropes from my store.

Go to the community to promote

Joshua and I brought the products to the student club for publicity, let them experience the quality of the products and told them that the prices of our products were very favorable, and they were very satisfied with my products.

The president of RC Toys decided to purchase two drones for trial first, and the president of Outdoors Activity directly indicated that the next outdoor products were purchased from me.

How to retain customers?

Promotion can only attract customers, and if you want to retain customers, you need to rely on good quality and service. The person in charge of the RC toys community contacted me after a week: he wanted to buy three drones in my store.

Screenshot of my chat with RC Toys leader Screenshot of my chat with RC Toys leader

I promise my customers that the price of the goods in my shop must be the most favorable. If the goods have quality problems, I will promptly help them for free.

But so far, I have not found any problems with the quality of the goods. And there are 14 orders in the first month, with a commission of $58.46.

Screenshot of store revenue Screenshot of store revenue

Interpersonal relationships can help you grow your customer base

I want to expand my customer base. I contacted my friends and asked them to help me promote in other schools, I will provide samples for others to experience. If the cooperation is successful, I will give a bonus to the contact person (a friend who promotes me).

Because of the price concessions and good quality of the products I sell, plus the previous examples of successful cooperation with the clubs in my school, there are more school clubs that want to cooperate with me, and even many of the off-campus society contact me, my Order volume increased month by month.

Chart of increased sales Chart of increased sales

In this way, I earned my own "pocket money" by opening a store. I don't have to spend any pocket money at home. My parents are more willing to fund my career.

My suggestion

I think the most important thing to open a store is to have stable and expanding customer resources.

If you open an online store but suffer from no business, you can try online promotion (using social platforms for unfamiliar customers) or offline promotion (using interpersonal relationships to increase the visibility of your store through acquaintances). As long as you use the right method, it is not difficult to make money.

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