E-commerce executive, Gavin's professional analysis: Is Tomtop VIP worth joining?


Some friends recently asked me something about Tomtop VIP. Such as: Tomtop VIP's special offer is just in order to attract attention? How about the quality of special products? Is it worthwhile to register a member? etc. In order to solve these doubts, I decided to try an experiment.

I am Gavin, an e-commerce practitioner. All the following remarks just represent me personally opinion,and have nothing to do with my company and others.

What is the quality of the goods at such a low price in Tomtop VIP?

Recently, there have been multiple product links in my social circle. I wonder if everyone has received these sharing links like me.

Screenshot of the link Screenshot of the link

When you are attracted to the price quoted by others, you will certainly have these doubts: Are these links safe? Is the commodity special information real? How about the quality of the goods?

Therefore, in order to answer everyone's doubts, I am willing to personally test and verify the reliability of this information.

When you click on the link, you will see a page like this:

Item page Item page

You will find this information from a website called Tomtop VIP. I have some understanding of the TOMTOP website, so what is the relationship between Tomtop VIP and TOMTOP? It turns out that Tomtop VIP is a vip project of TOMTOP,and the price of the commodity in Tomtop VIP is much cheaper than that on TOMTOP.

For example: zeblaze smart watch //www.tomtopvip.com/p-j2905.html

Price comparison: Tomtop VIP (left) and TOMTOP (right) Price comparison: Tomtop VIP (left) and TOMTOP (right)

Moreover, I also found that the price of the same brand of products in Tomtop VIP is 2-3 times cheaper than Amazon. It can be seen that the price of Tomtop VIP products is indeed affordable! So it's not surprising that the recent heat is so high and has received so much attention!

The price of the same item in Amazon (Zeblaze is tomtop own brand) The price of the same item in Amazon (Zeblaze is tomtop own brand)

Tomtop VIP’s Low price strategy

According to my analysis, this is a common marketing method: low price strategy. It means to win the attention of consumers with low prices, and quickly open the consumer market to achieve the purpose of promotion. So why is the price of Tomtop VIP so affordable?

Because most of the well-known brands are Tomtop VIP's own brand (supply chain advantage), they can push the price of high- quality goods to the lowest, the pursuit is small profits but quick turnover, detonation of sales, so the special sales is not a scam.

Check the quality of goods

I used to buy a lot of things on TOMTOP, including a digital camera from ANDOER, which is very good and has been used for two months. I bought the same paragraph on Tomtop VIP and gave it to my friends as a gift, and there is no difference in quality after comparison. After consulting customer service, I know that Tomtop VIP's supply is the same as TOMTOP...but the price is more than $9 cheaper than TOMTOP.

In-kind shooting In-kind shooting

Can you save money and make money in Tomtop VIP?

Many people are most concerned about the membership rights of Tomtop VIP. Because membership benefits are tempting, it’s usually think that the more attractive things are, the easier it is to have traps. So is the Tomtop VIP membership the same? I decided to sign up for a member to experience it.

The membership fee is $99. I believe many people are not willing to spend $99 to register a VIP for a shopping site. Why is the VIP cost of this website so expensive? Let's first explain what the membership benefits include.

Tomtop VIP Member benefits Tomtop VIP Member benefits

After registering a member, the interface of the home page becomes different.

Before registering a member Before registering a member

After registering a member After registering a member

The following is my personal analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of membership rights, for a reference:

Tomtop VIP

The first and second membership benefits: 10% of the profits of the shared goods, 10% discount on the purchase of goods.

Pros: After registering a member, there is an additional “Earn” under the price of the product, which means that when you share the link to another person, you can get a commission of 10% of the price of the item when the person purchase the item through the link you share. If you buy it yourself, you can enjoy a 10% discount. How much you earn, how many provinces are clearly reflected in the commodity column, at a glance.

Defect: I personally think that the Tomtop VIP interface can be more optimized, for example, the share button can be more eye-catching; the plus sign of the added product can be designed to be more beautiful, and so on.

Tomtop VIP

The third membership benefit: 49.5 US dollars in rewards.

Pros: It means you spend $99 to sign up for a membership, and you only need to recommend two friends to become a member to earn back your costs. So such a contrast, it seems that 99 dollars is not so expensive.

Defect: Your friend may feel that $99 is too expensive and refuses you, even blacklisting you. (just a joke haha~)

Tomtop VIP

The fourth membership benefit (the most attractive one): Free online shop.

Pros: Without risk, Without inventory pressure. You don't need to pay any platform rent and deposit, and you don't have to find the source of goods yourself, not to stock up, avoid the risk of hoarding and slow sales, and skip the trouble of contacting the logistics company, saving money and worry.

To help everyone verify that this is true, I opened an online store on Tomtop VIP.

Experience - Open a online shop in Tomtop VIP

I am in the e-commerce industry, so I am familiar with the process and operation of the online shop. To my surprise, the whole process of opening a store is very simple, the store page is very simple, you can add the goods you need directly to your store directly on the homepage. No need to pick up the goods, nor contact logistics and manufacturers, it is indeed zero cost, zero risk.

The only thing you need to worry about is how to sell the goods. If you are still waiting for customers to patronize like the traditional model, then it is wrong.

Marketing through social

Tomtop VIP is a social e-commerce platform. Socializing, it must be inseparable from the communication between people, which means you have to recruit customers yourself.

How to attract customers?

How to attract customers? I saw that Tomtop VIP has a lot of experience shared by online shopkeepers, and everyone can learn from it. I summed up the biggest commonality of these cases: everyone is using social tools around them such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to promote.

I follow the methods of others and try to see how it works. I signed up for a new Facebook account and searched for my target customer base: about "make money", "save money", "cheap shopping", and joined one of the "cheap shopping online" groups. Be careful not to operate frequently in a short period of time, or to post advertisements as soon as you enter the group, if you did, you will be deleted, and even be severely blocked.

Tomtop VIP

Advocacy also requires the right approach. If you post a link on a major social public platform, you not only have no customers, but you also make others feel like you are a liar. Worse, you will be blacklisted by the social platform.

Check Facebook's rules carefully before advertising, chat with potential customers, understand their needs, and then share the product links with them. If you do this, the effect will definitely be much better. I used this method to do a week on Facebook, with a total of 18 orders, it is a good result.

Screenshot of store revenue Screenshot of store revenue

Tomtop VIP Member Experience Summary

The above is my experience with Tomtop VIP. The prices of Tomtop VIP's products are very favorable, and the quality is also reassuring. The VIP online store is a good choice for some people who want to find a part-time job online. As a practitioner in the same industry, I think the Tomtop VIP model of social e-commerce is very creative and worth learning. I hope to cooperate with them in the future.

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