A housewife’s self-report: Tomtop VIP has completely changed my family life


I am Amanda, a housewife from Hawaii, USA. A few days ago I received an invitation from Tomtop VIP: Share my experience in opening a store in Tomtop VIP. Coincidentally, this is what I want to do.

Me and my husband Me and my husband

How do I know the Tomtop VIP?

Before joining Tomtop VIP, I am a full-time wife. My husband is a salesman, and the family’s living expenses are all supported by his salary which is $2300 per month and can only sustain our daily life. I can't work because I have to take care of my 6 year old twin daughter, Clara and Bessy. I can't make money, but only save money. We have almost no entertainment to save money, but we are still very happy.

My 6 year old twin daughter
My 6 year old twin daughter

How do I know about the Tomtop VIP website?

In August 2017, I browsed the official website of Tomtop for information on discounts and promotions, and unexpectedly found an advertisement for “Don’t just save money, just make money with us”. Then I found this website: www.tomtopvip.com. Tomtop VIP, a social e-commerce platform for saving money and making money.

Tomtop VIP

Don’t just save money, just make money with us

The price of the Tomtop VIP website is lower than the general price level of the same type of website. If you become a Tomtop VIP member and purchase a product, you can enjoy a 10% discount on a special price basis. But unfortunately, becoming a Tomtop VIP member has to pay $99, which is really a big expense for me, and my family.

I have been buying discounted items on the Tomtop VIP website as regular users until I saw the “30-day VIP free Free Trial” in early 2018. I immediately participated in the promotions. Honestly, at first I was not trying to make money, but for a 10% discount on shopping.

Membership free trial for 30 days
Membership free trial for 30 days

I opened an online shop during the Tomtop VIP member experience.

VIP Members can open a Online store, so my husband suggested me to try to open an online store to test whether this website can make money while saving money. After viewing the information about how to open a online shop, I know that publishing merchandise, processing orders, and solving warehousing and logistics are not my job. I just only need to pick the goods I want to sell from the official website, and find a way to sell the goods. Finally, the profit from selling goods belongs to my personal income.

My shop
My shop

It’s not easy to run an online shop.

Although I have experienced online shopping experience, I am still a bit stunned to open an online store. My customer service is very patient, she taught me step by step. She told me that after becoming a shopkeeper, I can add the products I need directly from the product page of the official website. Once the product is added, it will appear directly on the home page of My shop.

Income of Experience period

Click the "+"( add ) icon in the lower right corner of the product to add an item. The item showing “√” ( tick ) is the selected item, the selected item will appear on the store's homepage.

I was full of confidence at the beginning of the store, but after two weeks of business, I only had one order, I was a bit discouraged. My husband suggested me to share more items on Facebook groups and Twitter, After one week, my order volume has increased by 4, my confidence is back.

In order to expand the user base, I added 2 shopping groups of more than 200 people on Facebook. As soon as I entered the group, I posted product information in the group and I was kicked out of the group. Then in another shopping group, firstly I chat with the members of the group , analyze the types of products they need through chat, and then share the corresponding product links. This move is really effective. I have more than 20 orders in the third and fourth weeks, and the sales amount reached 38 dollars.

Income in Free trial period
Income in Free trial period

After the experience period, I registered to become a real member.

After the experience period, my husband and I decided to continue to open the store. Because I seem to have found the right marketing method, I believe that I will earn back 99 dollars. In February 2018, I officially became a member of the Tomtop VIP.

Store marketing strategy

My strategy:
1.Expand my customer base
2.Provide corresponding products for customer needs

I added 3 shopping groups on Facebook to do market testing.

Groups in Facebook
Groups in Facebook

First of all, I am actively speaking in the group and discussing topics of interest to the group members. After building a sense of trust, gradually share some special items, such as beauty, smart equipment, toys, etc., to test the popularity of these products. After half a month, I found that beauty and toys are more popular, with 11 and 13 orders, and smart devices are 0.

I find that the price of beauty and toy goods is very cheap, so they are more popular. Therefore, I have published a large number of beauty and toy products in the store.

In the second month, I had a total of 58 orders, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that three people registered for membership through the link I shared, and I got a $148.5 referral bonus. My shop revenue reached $198.5 in the second month.

The best-selling tri-color blush
Second month's income

In the third month, I joined 7 groups, including shopping groups, family housewives, and parenting groups. I still use the previous strategy: I chat with everyone firstly, then understand the types of group members, and build a good sense of trust. Finally, based on the content of their chat, I shared different kinds of products with them and summarized several products with good sales.

The sales of beauty products in the shopping group were better, while the sales of household items and toys in the housewife group and parenting group were better.

New shelves for daily use.
New shelves for daily use.

From the fourth to the sixth, the sales of stores tend to grow steadily. Now even if I don’t promote the products on Facebook and Twitter, my shop will continue to have orders. Thanks to the support of social friends and the quality product foundation of the Tomtop VIP platform, thanks very much!

Shop revenue in June
Shop revenue in June

My heart Words

Now I am still a housewife, but I use my own online shop to make money for my family to live a better life. I want to make money, Tomtop VIP gave me a chance to make money, and helped me achieve the purpose. So for whatever reason, as long as you want to make money, joining Tomtop VIP will be a good choice for you.

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